Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Professional Jeweller Treasure Competition

The Professional Jeweller annual Treasure Competition is upon us. Having recieved a record number of entries, the talented panel of retail buyers and industry experts have shortlisted 10 jewellers who all have the chance to win one of 3 stands at jewellery show Treasure.
The 10 finalists are Anes Kim, Annabelle Lucilla, Crux London, Imogen Belfield, Novo Hombre, Rachel Boston, Ros Millar, Rosita Bonita, Smith/Grey and Tessa Metcalfe.

Want to know who will be getting my vote? Here are my top picks ...

Launched in 2012 by Katie Woodward, this jewellery brand was named after the smallest star formation in the universe. Mixing metals and unique gemstones this jewellery brand is sleek and effortlessly wearable.

Central St Martins graduate Rachel Boston creates her jewellery in her East London workshop. Taking her inspiration from nature, contemporary culture and high fashion she produces beautifully hand crafted, strongly designed jewellery.

Born and bred in London, Tessa Metcalfe takes inspiration from her home city. With a fascination with taxidermy and wildlife, her desire to never let anything go to waste has resulted in creating beautiful jewellery from interesting sources.

Make sure to visit the Treasure jewellery show from June 13th-16th at Somerset House, London.

Check out the 10 shortlisted jewellers on the Professional Jeweller's competition gallery and pick your favourite, the 3 with the most votes will win a fantastic opportunity to exhibit at this prestigious show.

Voting closes on Tuesday 26th March at 4pm. Who will be getting your vote?


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