Sunday, 20 May 2012


Jeweller Rachel Duister founded Fashionology in 2009, designing and making her pieces in her appartment in Roterdam. Self taught, her obsessions with art, culture and nature have developed into an ecclectic jewellery range which has been featured in tons of mags and press events. Here is a snapshot of her gorgeous current collection ...

Silver Amethyst Casing Earrings €62.00, Turquoise One Skull Bracelet €20.00, Silver Pointy Ring €70.00, Rainbow Quartz Casing Necklace €60.00 Silver Golden Aura Ring €62.00

All available here.


Sunday, 13 May 2012


Scosha is a collection of jewellery by artist and designer, Scosha Woolridge. Her jewellery tells stories of travel and global exploration and combines inspirations from modern and ancient worlds. Effortlessly creating everyday wearable pieces Scoscha challenges what is seen as 'precious' by mixing recycled fibres, gemstones and metals. Stocked across the world, Scosha jewellery was first introduced to the UK by Kabiri in 2008, here is a glimpse of what they stock ...

Light Pink Braided Bracelet £25.00, Yellow Gold Disc Studs £196, Multi Gems Yellow Gold Ring £224, Crown Yellow Gold Earrings £196, Coral Bead Bracelet £65

Aurora Lopez Mejia

Inspired by  ancient civilizations, as well as amulets and talismans worn as pieces of jewellery, Aurora Lopez Mejia has been hand crafting jewellery for over 20 years. Incorporating words and statments in her pieces, she creates personalised adornment with deep meanings, and produces pieces to be worn to help protect, heal, and connect to the spiritual world. Here are some of my favourite pieces from her collection available from Net-A-Porter ...

22-karat gold tourmaline necklace £5,305, Engraved 18-karat gold bangle £9,490, 22-karat gold tourmaline ring £7,860, Engraved 18-karat gold semi-precious stone bangle £15,525, 22-karat gold and semi-precious stone ring £6,640