Thursday, 22 July 2010

Rachel Darbourne


Laura Gravestock

Promise Cocktail Ring £235
Promise Lattice Ring £125
Amethyst Single Drop Princess Necklace £90

Promise Lattice Pendant £115
Green Amethyst Princess Ring £214
Amethyst Princess Ring £238

Estelle Dévé

"Melbourne-based, French-born designer, Estelle Dévé is changing all the rules. Born into a long line of artists and designers, Dévé has been blending metals, re-shaping traditional jewel forms, and hand-crafting raw metals since she was a young girl." You can buy Estelles pieces and read more about here on Kabiri.
Procellarum Crystal Ring £101

Iridum Necklace £55

Marginis Earrings £49

Asperatis Bracelet £124

Temporis Earrings £83


Polli was founded by Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd. Taking inspiration from both Japanese and Danish paper designs, they express their interest in colour and light through beautifully crafted jewellery and homewares.