Friday, 29 January 2010

What's The Catch?

Gunmeta Hook Necklace by Chrishabana £115

+ Etsy finds.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Are You ...

Stringing me along?

Grapefruit pink long cord necklace with 23ct gold plated metal tubes £169, Multi-colour rope and tube necklace £160, 23ct Gold plated metal feather necklace with purple plexi shadow £144, 23ct Gold plated metal feather necklace with purple plexi shadow £144.

Since graduating with a RCA degree, Berlin-based Sabrina Dehoff has worked with the likes of Moschino, DKNY and Lanvin. Now producing her own jewellery line she speaks out to an artsy crowd and used strong bold colours and contrasting textures, handmaking all her pieces in a studio in Germany.

I Heart Fiona Paxton.

 'Surat' Silver Leather Choker  £189, 'Trixy' Goldtone Bracelet £135, 'Coco' Silver and Black Long Necklace £165, 'Lane' Gold Tone Necklace £165

 Fiona Paxton has created a distinctive, international profile with her beautiful pieces of handmade, handbeaded jewellery and accessories. Inspired by her love of Indian artisanship, the British punk era, as well as Japanese fashion and design movement Bauhaus, her geometric patterns are eye catching and show stopping.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Conroy & Wilcox

Conroy & Wilcox introduced their independant jewellery line in New York in 2006, after a collaboration between Gillian Conroy and Danica Wilcox. Specializing in "heirloom-quality" fine jewellery they are recognised internationally for there creative designs.

Sterling Silver Multi Feather Collar £310. Sterling Silver Geisha Double Feather Hairn £340, Sterling Silver Double Feather Earrings £140, Sterling Silver Double Feather Hairband £340

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Iconic? Yes ...

Author Jocelyne Grivaud has taken the iconic Barbie and placed her in some of the mos influential and inspiring pieces of art. Andy Warhol, Chanel, and Milton Glaser. Fantastic. Read Jocelyne's blog here.

Air and Gold ...

AIR & GOLD’S first collection of eclectic couture pieces can be purchased at Kabiri. Incredibly expensive, but inquisitively beautiful.

Lux-Tux Necklace - Round £595
Lux-Tux Necklace - Square £595
1st Prize Princess - Dove £500
Star Storm - Oval £300

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pamela Love ...

New York based jewellery designer Pamela Love.
Eagle Talon Necklace (Bronze) $625

Raven Skull Ring (Silver) $875
Small Bear Ring (14ct Vermeil) $115
Small Raven Skull Necklace (Silver) $875
Talon Cuff (Silver) $1250

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Word up ...

Spanish artist Victoria Contreras' newest collection combines quotes by famous authors including Vernon Lee, Jean Genet, T.S.Eliot, and Virginia Woolfe, with bold typefonts to create intriguing acrylic necklaces. Here are my favourites from her striking collection ...

"Amour Dure - Dure Amore" Vernon Lee

"Le Public?" Jean Genet

"April Is The Cruellest Month" T.S.Eliot

"I Thought How Unpleasant It Is" Virginia Woolf

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Means ...

... Warm Clothes!!

Topshop Cross Stitched Cardigan 65, Topshop Long Sleeve Scoop Top in Warm Berry £10, Topshop Ripped Jeans £45, Claudia Canova Medium Zip Top Shoulder Bag from ASOS Outlet £35, Topshop Kameryn Leather Brogue £55